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Mt Hood_edited.jpg

Mt. Hood

This glass-on-glass piece was inspired by a picture that a friend of mine took. The minute I saw the trees and the mountain in the background I was all over it.

The lady who purchased it happened to own a beautiful Airbnb right on the beach.


We were lucky enough to be able to stay there a couple nights and I took a picture of the mosaic hanging in the window.

stacie mt hood.JPG

Note from new owner-

"We just walked in from the ferry and I LOVE OUR MOSAIC MORE THAN I THOUGHT!!!!  It is absolutely gorgeous! Yes, I am sorry you weren’t there to hear me squeal!

I love things with a lot of detail and  Blessed Trees (she needed a name) certainly has that and more. I put her on the window sill for now so in the a.m I will light my candle, pour my coffee and watch the daybreak as the light passes through all the lovingly placed glass pieces.


She truly is beautiful. You will be pleased to see where she will spend her time at Ruah Haus where many others will enjoy her as well."


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