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Mom's China

This piece was truly an honor to make. The client’s mom had passed away and the China she cherished was being shipped to her daughter.


Unfortunately, during transport, the pieces were broken. She was devastated. She approached me to see if I could do something with the pieces that would memorialize her mother’s memory.

It is not a medium I typically work with, but I wanted to do something that was different. I took a piece of mesh and covered in thin set. I let it dry, so it had shape added, I wanted it to look like a piece of fabric.

Then I attached to the substrate. I added the China in a horizontal pattern adding some the dainty cup handles. Then I found a white ceramic butterfly which the client told me reminded her of her mom and added to the corner of the piece as if the butterfly just landed there.

I added a beautiful ornate frame to really compliment the piece.

I loved the way it ended up looking, and thankfully so did she.

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