Fluid Art

Following along with my love for texture and color I started to experiment with Alcohol Inks.

The pieces shown here are alcohol ink on Yupo paper. Yupo Paper is a synthetic paper that allows the alcohol inks to flow on the surface of the paper and not absorb into the subsurface.  I cut patterns into each one, so they are all unique as I just go with the flow of how I am feeling. Once the pattern is done, I seal each piece with varnish and UV resistant spray to help them from fading.

Alcohol inks are known to fade when set in direct sunlight for long periods so try to hang them in a spot that does not get direct sun all day.  After they are sprayed and sealed, I layer 3 or 4 pieces on top of each other with foam tape and glue to create a 3D effect.

This process fascinates me, and I enjoy how each one comes out different.

Fluid Art Commissions

Initial consultation can be in person, over the phone, email or virtual. We will discuss what type of project and what your goal is.
We will discuss price based on approximate size and materials. Palette colors, and if you have a photo, you want me to replicate. Photos needs to be clear and can be emailed to me. Must be original photos.

Mosaic pricing can range from $75.00 to $2500.00 depending on size and material.
Fluid Art ranges from 105.00 to 265.00 depending on size.